WWE 13 Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Fighting
  • single and multi player
  • Games from the same developer: UFC Undisputed 3


natural movement of characters in cinematics
screenplay leaves good impression
impressive cinematics


many options give every player different experience
good amount of teams
online scores and leaderboards in single player
many unlockables
many stages
clear menus with explanations needed
main game can't keep us playing until the end
lack of interesting sidemissions


effective handling
opponents artificial intelligence
many difficulty levels
simple controls
multiple ways for direct attack


characters polygons(model complexity)
characters textures
impressive antialiasing gives a very clear picture
facial textures


good soundtrack
voice acting

Οnline Competitive

good statistics and leaderboards
customization encourages players to pick their own gamestyle
one of the best online competitive of its genre
options to make matchmaking easier, needed
frequently bad connection

Competitive offline

good competitive mode
good four player mode

Cooperative offline

good cooperative mode

Other modes


boring extra challenges
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


WWE 13 runs on the engine called, "Predator Technology 2.0", which succeeds the first version from WWE 12. The Predator Technology 1.0 game engine has been updated from the previous WWE games to allow for more fluid animations, with odd collisions and transitions having been fixed and updated, it also allows over 300 new moves. Past problems have been fixed with a better weight detection system, contextual animations and automatic attack homing, to ensure that the character always strikes towards the opponent(s). The contextual animation system has been refined to ensure that it dynamically swaps out moves to make sure that the game is using the appropriate move animations at any given time and state. The weight detection system makes it so that small superstars such as Rey Mysterio are unable to lift larger wrestlers such as the Big Show. Thus, the contextual animations ensure that more appropriate attacks are put in the superstars normal moveset. The games new homing system is designed that when doing high flying moves, a player will hit the intended target with better precision. The homing system also tracks tables so that they will be better detected when doing grapples on a ladder in TLC and Ladder matches. This feature allows for environmental moves such as ring breaks, barricade breaks, announce table breaks, and catching (mid-air) finishers to be possible. Another new feature is a different model for the giants in the game. Previously, a single body structure was used for all superstars. THQ has also claimed that the game has the most life like superstars. Another important aspect of the game is the new revamped audio system with remastered sound effects. The crowd reactions and commentary audio has directly been taken from live WWE events. Online servers have been enhanced to allow for players to test out creations before downloading them into the game. The "Special Referee" game mode has been added in since its last iteration on Svr 2006 and 2007. During online matches, AI will fill in for absent players when not enough players are available.
Create a Superstar
Returning is the Creative Suite, where players have the ability to create their own wrestlers or divas. Creating arenas has changed from customizing a ring and its surroundings, but the ability to change the entire stadium, including the TitanTron and show logo has been added. Colour options, the size of a stadiums venue and the kind of audience in the crowd, Attitude Era or Todays era, are also customizable. The Story Creation mode has been improved to allow for over 500 matches, with over 300 scenarios allowing for easier branching decisions. Superstars, stories and arenas can be uploaded on to online servers and then re-uploaded to allow for perfection. Create a Finisher, now listed under the name Special Moves, has been changed to allow for the player to create attacks for any sort of move, whether it is a signature move or grapples and strikes. The mode has been further expanded to allow for players to choose which part of the opponents body their move will focus on. A new feature is the Championship Editor that allows you to customize current and at least three new title belts. It differs from the Create-A-Championship mode from previous games in the series in that players cannot create original belts but just customize existing ones.


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