The Resistance: Avalon Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Board Party
  • Players: 4-10
  • Games from the same developer: Resistance



board does not help the theme


more than one winners
few rules
easy to understand the general concept
ideal for very casual gamers
solid deduction mechanics
communication improves dramatically the expiriance
roles some player take affect the gameplay significantly
option to add extra roles to basegame to change balance
sometimes the winner picked by luck


cardboard pieces should have been stabdard cars so we can sleeve them

About players number

one of the best choices for 9 or 10 players
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
most sections


The Resistance: Avalon pits the forces of Good and Evil in a battle to control the future of civilization. Arthur represents the future of Britain, a promise of prosperity and honor, yet hidden among his brave warriors are Mordreds unscrupulous minions. These forces of evil are few in number but have knowledge of each other and remain hidden from all but one of Arthurs servants. Merlin alone knows the agents of evil, but he must speak of this only in riddles. If his true identity is discovered, all will be lost.


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