Overwatch Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Shooter, first person
  • single and multi player
  • Games from the same developer: World of Warcraft
  • Offer: IGE


impressive cinematics
almost no story at all


few configurations needed before we start
no matter how much we progress we won''t get too stronger; new and old players are balanced that way
every class has its use
more user friendly and clear menus
complex stage designs
single player bot battles give experience points
every class play very diferent
many unlockable cosmetics


effective handling
addictive action
skillful combat
we are getting used to controls immediately
every weapon has its own play style


characters polygons(model complexity)
background polygons(model complexity)
characters textures
background textures
stable frame rate
simple graphics that fit to the game
60 frames per second


good soundtrack
sound effects
ambient sound effects
character's shouts

Οnline Competitive

one of the best online competitive of its genre
communication with other players works very well
small stages result in very exciting battles
tactics are required in online
many stages
matchmaking is instant
online always works and its stable
good statistics and leaderboards needed
no clans
variety in game modes needed
no penalty for the those abandoning fights
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
most sections


Overwatch features squad-based combat with two opposing teams of six players each. Players choose one of several hero characters, each with their own unique abilities and role classes. The four character roles include: offense characters with high speed and attack but low defense, defense characters meant to form choke points for enemies, support characters that provide buffs and debuffs for their allies and enemies respectively (such as healing or speed alterations), and tank characters that have a large amount of armor and hit points to withstand enemy attacks and draw fire away from teammates. During the pre-match setup, players on a team will be given advice from the game if their team is unbalanced, such as if they are lacking defensive heroes, encouraging players to switch to other heroes pre-match and balance the starting team. Within a match, players can switch between characters in-game following deaths or by returning to their home base, which is encouraged by the games overall design.


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