Europa Universalis 4 Platinum Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Strategy
  • single and multi player
  • Games from the same developer: Crusader Kings
  • Offer: Enarxis


good map
balanced complexity with sufficient number of options and customization
clear menus with explanations make gameplay easier
single player is a good training for multiplayer
loading should have been less
single and multiplayer connection needed


opponents artificial intelligence
many difficulty levels
increased difficulty makes the game addictive
peaceful gameplay is an option
every nation plays differently
good controls explanation needed


simple graphics that fit to the game
no bugs
beautiful map
graphics are mainly the map


sound effects
good start theme

Οnline Competitive

we can find people online
tactics are required in online
big player number limit
good statistics and leaderboards needed
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


The game itself is an interactive map of Earth divided into the provinces that compose nations. Each of these provinces contribute to their country either positively or negatively, as provinces can both provide resources to a nation and serve as a point of unrest and rebellion. The gameplay requires the player to lead a nation by finding a balance of military, diplomacy, and economy. The player does so through their choices as sovereign of their nation, and through the spending of resources available to them: Prestige, Stability, Gold, Manpower, Legitimacy for Monarchies, Republican Tradition for Republics, and Monarch Points (Administrative, Diplomatic, Military).
Players can choose to conquer the world by military might, become a colonial superpower, establish trade dominance, etc. The game is a sandbox environment, and while there is no strict rule on winning the game, a loss occurs when the players nation is removed or annexed from the map. Diplomacy is a large aspect of the game, as creating alliances and vassal states, improving opinions and monitoring expansion and coalitions is vital to a player’s survival. Espionage can also be employed against enemy states in order to claim their territory, or incite rebellion in their provinces, as well as other dubious methods. Combat can be done on both land and sea, and it attempts to simulate real world factors such as morale, discipline, competency of leaders, terrain, and supply lines.
Many major religions are present in and influence the game and provide distinct bonuses to their practitioners. Players can employ missionaries to convert their provinces or can engage in policies of universal religious freedom. The Catholic faith makes use of the Papacy, which can allow a nation to have control over the Pope or to use their influence for other rewards. Technological advancements are invested in over time, and will require the expense of monarch points.
Administrative technologies unlocks advancements such as increased productivity, new forms of government, new buildings, and the national idea system.
Diplomatic technology unlocks advancements such as naval units, improvements in trade, new buildings, and improved colonial expansion.
Military technology unlocks advancements such as land units, improved morale, combat tactics, and new buildings.
Gameplay is influenced by random events that arise each year for the player. These events can be either helpful or a hindrance. Some of these random events are driven by factual history pertaining to an individual country, while some are there to force a player to make tough decisions, and otherwise to enhance the flavor of the game. Players can choose to play single player mode versus the AI, or multiplayer over a LAN or the Internet against a mix of human and AI opponents. Single player also has the option of “Ironman” mode, which locks several settings such as difficulty, and removes the control of saving the game from the player. This means that any mistakes are irreversible. It is, however, the only way to receive any of the achievements that can be won.


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