Bloodborne Review kukugames

  •  Genre: RPG
  • single and multi player
  • Games from the same developer: Dark Souls
  • Offer: Sony


interesting characters
nice story narration while playing
atmospheric cinematics


stages with many paths
many options give every player different experience
interesting world design make us want to explore
random stages generator
optional secrets and items worth finding
worth going back to previeous areas for exploration
gun mods add variety and motivate experimentation
enemies variety
play style and upgrades are not limited from our class
many classes
good map unavailable
loading should have been less


opponents artificial intelligence
addictive action
interesting puzzles
epic boss battles
we need to fight almost every enemy differently
every weapon completely changes gameplay
needs a lot of practice to get used to controls
needed help to get into games logic


characters polygons(model complexity)
background polygons(model complexity)
background textures
draw distance
effects and lighting
visual variety on armor parts
frequent and tense frame drops


good soundtrack
sound effects
music changes to suit to what we are doing
atmospheric tracks

Οnline Competitive

we can find people online
tactics are required in online
wolrd pvp
the danger to receive invasion from another player increases tension

Cooperative online against CPU

good adaption from single player to online coop
people available online
we can share randomly generated stages
difficulty makes cooperative useful
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
most sections


Bloodborne is played from a third-person perspective and features action role-playing elements similar to those found in the Souls series of games, particularly Demons Souls and Dark Souls. Players make their way through different locations within the decrepit Gothic world of Yharnam, while battling varied enemies, including bosses, collecting different types of useful items that have many uses, interacting with the strange non-player characters, opening up shortcuts, and continuing through the main story.
At the beginning of the game, the player creates their character, the Hunter. The player determines the basic details of the Hunter; gender, hairstyle, name, skin colour, body shape, voice, and eye colour, are some of the details the player determines. The player also chooses a starting class, known as an Origin, which provides a basic backstory for the Hunter and sets the players starting attributes. The Origins allow the players Hunter to have a distinct play style, which, along with physical appearance, give the Hunter a unique personality. For example, one Origin may describe the Hunter as a cowardly weakling, which would indicate the player prefers to avoid conflict, while another Origin may describe the Hunter as being a ruthless, killing machine, which would indicate that the Hunter prefers to engage in combat. Another way the player defines their Hunter is by choosing what brotherhood they are a member of. These religious societies, known as Covenants, each have their own views on the world of Yharnam.
Players can return to a safe zone, known as the Hunters Dream, by interacting with lanterns spread throughout the world of Yharnam. Doing so replenishes health, but repopulates all monsters in the game world. Lanterns also serve as the games checkpoints; the player will return to the last activated lantern when they die. Positioned away from Yharnam, the Hunters Dream delivers some of the games basic features to the player. Players may purchase useful items, such as clothing, from the Messengers using Blood Echoes or Insight, level up their character by talking to the Doll, or upgrade their weapons in the workshop, among other things. Unlike Yharnam and all other locations in the game, the Hunters Dream is considered completely safe as it is the only location in the game not to feature enemies. However, the last two boss battles of the game take place in the Hunters Dream.
Bloodbornes world of Yharnam is a large map full of areas that are connected. Some areas of Yharnam are not connected to the main locations and require the player to teleport there. Players are usually presented with multiple options when progressing through locations; usually there is a main path that the player uses to progress through the story. When traversing the main path, the player will encounter paths that lead to completely different locations that are optional. Each path also eventually leads back to the central area the player started in. This provides the player with shortcuts, useful for when they die. There are many locations in the game; Forsaken Castle Cainhurst, a large, intricate castle situated away from Yharnam in a snowy environment; Upper Cathedral Ward, a cathedral that is home to one of the games Covenants, The Choir; Abandoned Old Workshop, the real location of the Hunters Dream; Yahargul, Unseen Village, a location the Hunter may be forcibly taken to that features some of the most dangerous enemies in the game; and Hemwick Charnel Lane, a forest clearing full of the games witch enemies, are some of the games locations.


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