Helldivers Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Action Adventure
  • single and multi player
  • Games from the same developer: Magicka
  • Offer: Sony



immediately forgettable story


stages with many paths
many unlockables
single player upgrades progress is transferred in multiplayer
many weaponry options to unlock
loading should have been less
more variety in stage design needed


effective handling
opponents artificial intelligence
difficulty increases over time
skillful combat
increased difficulty makes the game addictive
the sequence we chose to complete missions is important
very hard single player after completing half of the stages


simple graphics that fit to the game
enough detail for the genre
with 4 players framerate becomes unstable

Cooperative online against CPU

online for players from tha same system
community progression brings changes to the stages
cross-platform with all sony consoles
friendly fire increase realism and fun
one of the most fun cooperative games
good statistics and leaderboards needed

Cooperative offline

good four player mode
the best game mode
vehicles help teamplay
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


In Helldivers, the players need to learn to coordinate their actions during chaotic combat, to complete objectives and to avoid friendly-fire casualties. The game is set in a procedurally generated universe where the community must fight three different enemy species to ensure the survival of Super Earth. Gameplay takes place on procedurally-generated missions where players must accomplish a series of objectives. Unlike many similar games where fighting certain enemies in a certain order is mandatory, the players make their own decisions about where to drop, whether to go on foot or in vehicles, in what order objectives should be completed and when to call down certain pieces of equipment, referred to as stratagems within the game. Before missions, the players select from a wide variety of weapons and equipment; some strategems drop a cargo pod containing heavy weapons or vehicles to be operated by players, while others consist of orbital strikes, airdropped minefields or other support firepower.
To win, players must fight or sneak through enemy-controlled territory, complete objectives, and call a dropship to extract them from the planet. Outside of certain trophies/achievements, there are no rewards granted for simply killing enemies, which are endless. It is possible to hold out indefinitely against waves of defenders, calling in more and more ammunition and defenses and racking up huge kill counts, without making the slightest progress toward winning the mission.
When the game was shown during Gamescom 2013 the games difficulty included three levels: Challenging, Hard, or "Hell Dive". The build presented at E3 2014 and Gamescom 2014 however indicated there to be more than nine difficulties, depending on which planet the player chose. The final game does indeed feature one global difficulty level within which the player can choose an easy or hard planet.
Once on the planets surface, players follow an escalating pattern. Weak enemy patrols crisscross the planet semi-randomly, keeping watch on objectives. Players can see nearby patrols on the radar, try to avoid them, or kill them before discovery. If they spot the player, they will quickly sound an alarm, calling in front-line troops to fight the players and interfere with completing objectives. Endless troops can pour in forever if the players continue to set off alerts. If the player can kill or escape from the responders without new alarms going off, the map will quiet down, giving players an opportunity to advance without resistance until the next alarm goes off. When all objectives are completed or failed, the players call the dropship. It takes 90 seconds to arrive, and during that time, hostiles are strongly attracted to the landing zone for a final fight. Entering the dropship completes the mission.


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