Assassin's Creed Rogue Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Action Adventure
  • single player
  • Previous game of the series: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Offer: CD Media


emotional bond with the main character
interesting characters
impressive cinematics
good addition of historic elements


good map
main game keep is interesting all the way to the end
interesting sidemissions
online scores and leaderboards in single player
if we lose, restarting is very fast
bodies and drops remain in game no mαtter hwo much we move on
alive world with many details makes the game more convincing
trading goods is important in order to progress
traveling and exploration in order to reach new locations is interesting
weapon variety
freedom for exploration through the entire game
world divided into areas but loading is fast
item variety
easy crafting
many things to do aside the main missions
checkpoints should have been more frequent
radical changes in the series needed
small game size
more choices needed to keep the experience fresh


difficulty increases over time
addictive action
we can progress with stealth gameplay
interesting mini games
easy to understand items use
all gameplay parts are interesting
many different things to do
parkour adds freedom in our movement
opοnents artificial intelligence
forgettable boss battles
more changes from the last game of the series needed


characters polygons(model complexity)
characters textures
draw distance
facial textures
background polygons(model complexity)
background textures
more improvements needed in the series
some bad animations


good soundtrack
voice acting
sound effects
ambient sound effects
music changes to suit to what we are doing
good start theme

Other modes

worth doing extra challenges
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
few sections


Naval aspects from previous games return with the player controlling Shays ship, Morrígan. Morrígan has a shallower draft compared to Edward Kenways Jackdaw from Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, allowing for river travel. New features include new ship-based weapons such as releasing an oil slick which can then be ignited, Puckle guns, and the ability for enemies to board Morrígan during ship-to-ship combat. The arctic environment also features into naval gameplay and exploration, as certain icebergs can be rammed with an icebreaker. The underwater diving missions featured in Black Flag do not exist, in the North Atlantic as swimming causes the players health to rapidly deplete due to the frigid water.
For combat, the game introduces an air rifle, which allows the player to silently take out enemies at a distance. The air rifle can be outfitted with a variety of different projectiles, such as firecrackers. The player can also use a grenade launcher, which fires off shrapnel grenades and other loads. Hand-to-hand combat has been slightly altered, and now enemy attacks can be countered with timing, similar to the Batman: Arkham series of games. Enemy Assassins feature archetypes similar to previous games, using skills that players have been using throughout the series; they can hide in bushes, blend in with crowds, and perform air attacks against the player. Poison gas can now be used as an environmental weapon, and Shay has a mask that can mitigate its effects.
Side missions and activities return, with a number of them based on those of the previous games. Reflecting Shays role as a Templar, the game introduces a new side mission: Assassin Interception. These mirror the Assassination side missions in previous games, in that Shay, after intercepting a messenger pigeon carrying an assassination contract, must prevent a Templar agent being assassinated by finding and killing Assassins hidden nearby.
The game also includes Legendary ship battles (destroy or withhold) to defeat a big legendary ship. The player will need possible upgrades for the Morrígan as the game progresses.


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