The Legend of Korra Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Action Adventure
  • single player
  • Games from the same developer: Bayonetta
  • Offer: IGE


like a tv cartoon
interesting characters
cinematics blend nicely with gameplay
interesting story from the begining to the end
hero fans will be thrilled


stages with many paths
few configurations needed before we start
stages have satisfactory length
frequent checkpoints save us from unnecessary repetition
world divided into areas but loading is fast
limited options forcing players to play in one way
no replay value
puzzles could have made the game deeper
very simple game


effective handling
addictive action
simple controls
interesting platforming sequences
many skills give variety to gameplay


like watching cartoons
variety of background graphics
variety of enemy graphics
enough detail for the genre


atmospheric narration
melodies from the series

Οnline Competitive


lack of interesting online competitive mode

Other modes

worth doing extra challenges
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


The Legend of Korra is a third-person action game, supporting single-player play only. Players control Korra, the series heroine, as she fights villains from the first two seasons of the series with the bending arts, a spiritual and physical practice similar in appearance to Eastern martial arts by which practitioners move and alter the elements of water, earth, fire and air. Korra can switch between four different elements on the fly, each with its own combat styles and special moves.
Waterbending is acquired first and specializes in ranged attacks. Earthbending, acquired next, features slow attacks that are very powerful and cannot be blocked. Firebending is a balanced style that once upgraded, features all three forms of attacks: Fast combos, slow but powerful, and ranged. Airbending, acquired late in the game, features fast and powerful attacks that can affect all surrounding targets. Korra also acquires a so-called "avatar state" near the end of the game; this state lasts a shorts period, but grants Korra powerful attacks that combine all four elements.
The game tries to persuade the player into using counterattacks. The player can initiate a counterattack by blocking an enemy attack just before it connects. Counterattacks are orders of magnitude more powerful than direct attacks. Counterattacking is the only way of defeating bosses in a reasonable amount of time, as defeating them with direct attacks can take hours. Electrical and earth-based attacks cannot be countered.
The game takes about four to six hours to play through, but contains "a New Game+ of sorts". These include an endless runner with Naga, and pro-bending matches, where teams of three try to bend each other out of an arena. This mode, which implements the pro-bending rules depicted in the series, is available after completing the game, with the player controlling the "Fire Ferrets" team made up of Korra and her friends Mako and Bolin.


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