NBA 2K15 Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Sport
  • multi player only
  • Previous game of the series: NBA 2K14
  • Offer: CD Media


natural movement of characters in cinematics
improvements in the way story presented needed


good amount of teams
clear menus with explanations make gameplay easier
we can set defensive tactics effectively
character customization menus are very helpful
clear explanations on character statistics
detailed formation settings
effective formation settings
good statistics and leaderboards
performance rewarded
user friendly formations
loading should have been less
character upgrading is more simple that it should
radical changes in the series needed
microtransaction option is available for fast progress
transfer of our face into the game has problems


many difficulty levels
addictive action
our team artificial intelligence
automated corrections of the instructions that are given to the players help controls
inertia in player movement is carefully crafted
shots difficulty and realism balanced perfectly
teammates attack movements are very smart
when we are upgraded gameplay is improved
controls response helps defence
our performance affects the rest of the players
smart cpu when offending
complex controls
good controls explanation needed


characters polygons(model complexity)
effects and lighting
most of the players faces are very close to the real players
many animation improvements
stadiums graphics
crowd graphics
more improvements needed in the series


sound effects
character's shouts
impressive amount of speech
use of famous music tracks
commentary is always on time and to the point
sound bugs

Οnline Competitive

frequently bad connection
when picking wicker teams extra point should have been awarded and explained
online is often inactive
more modes needed to makes things more interesting

Competitive offline

very few game modes
hard controls are not accessible for friends
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


Scanning system
NBA 2K15 allows players to scan their faces into the game for created players, using the PlayStation Camera on PlayStation 4 or the Kinect on Xbox One.[2] The 3-D mapping process creates a realistic rendition of the gamers face to make their gaming experience as real as possible. The process of scanning the face will take about 30 seconds. Players need to get very close (6-12 inches) to the camera and slowly turn their heads 30 degrees to the left and right during the scanning process.[3]
MyCareer mode and upgrading system
For Next-Gen systems (Xbox One, PS4 and PC), MyCareer Mode has been revamped with new additions such as the mentor and upgrading system. The players MyPlayer speaks to the leader of the team before and after games. 2K implemented their voices providing for a more in-depth user experience. These features have allowed for a greater "storyline" to be integrated into MyCareer mode. MyCareer also uses a new upgrading system which gets more virtual currency from endorsement deals, completing challenges, and badges (which come in bronze, silver, and gold). However, on Next-Gen systems, players cannot view playoff stats or the playoff tree.[4]
Coaching advice
A new coach satisfaction system has been introduced that provides real-time feedback based on the MyPlayers court performance. MyPlayer is mentored by Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, who will either praise or admonish the player based on their gameplay.[5]


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