The Sims 4 Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Strategy
  • single player
  • Previous game of the series: Sims 3
  • Offer: CD Media


adds interesting elements to the genre
loading should have been less
item variety
few careers
bug with progress bars


nice house building
emotion system add things to be done
characters artificial intelligence makes our life easier
communication system give us many options


characters polygons(model complexity)
background polygons(model complexity)
background textures
to avoid crashes we need strong system or reduce graphics


sound effects
ambient sound effects
music is very simple and boring
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


The Sims 4 is a life simulation game, similar to its predecessors. Players create a Sim character and control their life to explore different personalities which change the way the game plays out. Sims can multitask such as talk while doing a task. Sims moodlets also change the gameplay. For example, a Sim can do a task while being either angry or totally excited.
Similar to previous Sims games, player-created challenges abound. One of the most prevalent is the Legacy Challenge, in which players create a single Sim and try to make its family line last for ten generations.
Create A Sim
One major change to the Sims 4 Create A Sim is that sliders have been obliterated and has been replaced by direct mouse click drag and pull. Through mouse click and drag and pull players may directly manipulate the facial features of a Sim. Players can also directly manipulate any body part including the abdomen, chest, legs, arms and feet. This is a new feature and was not included in previous Sims games where only the fitness and fatness can be manipulated on a Sims body. However, fitness and fatness levels may still be adjusted in Sims 4 with sliders as in previous games.
The base games comes with over 40 hairstyles for both men and women.
Selections of premade designs of Sims are available to choose from, ranging from different body shapes to ethnicities.
Six life stages are available including baby, child, teenager, young adult, adult and elder. Although the baby life stage is accessible only through the birth of a Sim and not available in Create A Sim.
Traits have returned with each Sim having three traits and an aspiration containing its own hidden trait.
Compared to previous Sims games where everyday, formal, sleepwear, athletic, party and swimwear wardrobes were restricted to having their own clothing options, all clothing options are now available across all forms of wardrobe and players are allowed up to 5 outfits per category.
Buy/build mode
In The Sims 4, build and buy modes have been combined and is now treated as a single feature.
A detailed build-and-buy system is present along with neighborhoods and landscaping. Some locked buy mode items may be unlocked through the progression of career levels.
Entire buildings and rooms can now be moved across the lot. Wall heights can also now be adjusted.
There is also a pool tool feature, with a custom version and triangular, square and octagonal pool tools too.
There are build mode cheats such as "motherlode", which enables the player to automatically gain §50 000 (simoleons) to buy things with.
There is now a search option to search for build and buy mode options. When building a house for your sim you can buy already made rooms which can help but costs a lot of money depending on the style of the room.
The Gallery
The Sims 4 includes social features, such as importing Sims and houses other people have made from The Gallery into the players game. This impacts the world around the players Sims. Players may publish their creations into the Gallery for other players to download into their game instantly.
The Sims 4 base game originally shipped with two worlds; Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. Both worlds contain five neighborhoods and a total of 21 lots. Newcrest became available with a free update, having three neighborhoods with five empty lots in each, for a total of 15 lots. Magnolia Promenade came with the "Get to Work" expansion pack.
Windenburg was introduced in The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack.


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