2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Sport
  • single and multi player
  • Previous game of the series: FIFA 14
  • Offer: CD Media


good amount of teams
clear menus with explanations make gameplay easier
few configurations needed before we start
no delays from loading
interesting mini games
clear explanations on character statistics
manager mode is simplified
formation settings improvements needed


effective handling
opponents artificial intelligence
many difficulty levels
very realistic
good in game controls explanation
shots speed and realism balanced perfectly
many cameras
more balanced gameplay
teammates attack movements are not always as expected


characters polygons(model complexity)
no bugs
many animation improvements


natural commentary
commentary is always on time and to the point

Οnline Competitive

usually good connection
gameplay speed online and offline is almost the same
opponents available in all modes
online for players from the same system, needed

Competitive offline

no teams disorientation in 4 player mode
good options to organise a tournament needed

Cooperative offline

good cooperative mode
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


Gameplay improvements from FIFA 14 include dribbling, an increased accuracy in passing and first-touch mechanics.
The games campaign mode, Road to Rio de Janeiro, allows players to play through qualification and the actual FIFA World Cup. For only the second time in the history of World Cup video games the entire qualification series will be playable. The 2010 version only presented the UEFA and CONMEBOL groups in their true to life form. Another mode, Road to Rio de Janeiro, will allow players to compete in an online tournament across the 12 venues of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is similar in format to Seasons in FIFA 14 and Expedition mode from UEFA Euro 2012.
Captain Your Country, Online FIFA World Cup, Story of Qualifying, and Story of the Finals modes (the latter two integrated with EA Sports Football Club) from the 2010 edition returned to the 2014 edition.
For the first time in the FIFA series, coaches as well as spectators, either in the stadium or through FIFA Fan Fest and generic viewing events worldwide, are included to improve the immersive feeling. Coaches and spectators will react to happenings on the pitch, from scoring a goal to getting a card and winning the World Cup. The then FIFA president Sepp Blatter even appears to present the World Cup trophy to the winning team.


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