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  •  Είδος: Παιχνιδι ρολων (rpg)
  • ενός παίχτη


αξιομνημόνευτη υπόθεση
συναισθηματικό δέσιμο με τον κύριο χαρακτήρα
ενδιαφέροντες χαρακτήρες
η ιστορία αλλάζει ανάλογα με τις επιλογές μας
καλογραμμένοι διάλογοι
αφύσικη κίνηση στα βίντεο


πολλές επιλογές εξατομικεύουν την εμπειρία
το σύστημα αναβάθμισης του χαρακτήρα μοιάζει με δικτυακού rpg
το χτίσιμο της ομάδας μας κατά τη διάρκεια του παιχνιδιού βελτιώνει την εμπειρία
καθόλου διακοπές για φόρτωση
ξεκάθαρα μενού με επεξηγήσεις, χρειαζόντουσαν
δύσχρηστο ο χώρος αντικειμένων(inventory)
χρειαζόταν καλύτερη επεξήγηση στα στατιστικά των χαρακτήρων


τεχνητή νοημοσύνη αντιπάλων
πολλά επίπεδα δυσκολίας
η μάχη θέλει πολύ επιδεξιότητα
η ανάγκη χρήσης τακτικών κάνει τα πράγματά ενδιαφέροντα
μεγάλης διάρκειας μάχες με σειρές(turn based)


καλλιτεχνικό ύφος
ωραία σχεδιασμένες, με το χέρι φιγούρες, για τους χαρακτήρες μας
χρειαζόταν περισσότερη ποικιλία γραφικών στα σκηνικά
υπερβολικά απλά γραφικά


ωραίο μουσικό θέμα
ηχητικά εφέ
η μουσική δεν ταιριάζει με το τι κάνουμε
Συμπέρασμα - Βαθμός

ισάξιο με τα καλύτερα παιχνίδια του είδους του
σε αρκετούς τομείς


The game offers a mix of classic visual novel gameplay, with RPG elements. The player reads through the story and occasionally has to fight against fantasy monsters. At the beginning the player can choose between a male human protagonist and a female elven protagonist. Furthermore, it offers a variety of romance options with the party members, including homosexual relationships, and has different endings, based on the choices of the player and the relationships.
Battles can take place between the players party and a party of enemies, with a maximum of six characters on each side. Each party consists of a front row, that is typically occupied by warrior type characters and can be attacked by anyone, and a back row, which typically holds weaker ranged and magical characters, that melee characters can only attack if the front row is unoccupied, in which case all on the back row will be forced to the front. Characters are able to swap places with others, or can move into unoccupied spaces on their turn, and warriors can gain the ability to force a character to swap with the one behind them.
Characters take it in turns to attack, with their speed, as well as the moves they use, determining how long they must wait. When a characters turn comes up, they have the choice of either attacking an enemy with their equipped weapon or abilities, using an ability to support the party, using an item for either healing or offense, or switching places. Should everyone in the players party be killed, the player can reload a previous save. The player does not have the option of fleeing a battle, but should they win, the health and MP of all characters will be completely refilled, except at certain points of the story. As the player gains more followers, exceeding the maximum number of people they can have in a battle, they can reorganise the battle group outside of battles.
Characters are divided into three classes, the first two of which can be selected for the player character: Warriors, who possess powerful melee moves and can wear heavy armor, but are largely limited to attacking enemies in the front row, Thieves, who can wield bows to shoot at any enemy, and have skillsets focused on taking advantage of enemies being put into weakened states, and Mages, who have access to magic attacks that can hit multiple enemies wherever they are, but have less endurance than the other classes. In addition, each character has a specialization giving them a further variety of abilities, e.g. both Loren and Amukiki are warriors, however Lorens specialization gives her abilities based around dual-wielding weapons, while Amukikis gives him ones that focus on supporting the players party. Whatever class the player character has, their specialization will always focus on healing abilities.


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