Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Review kukugames

  •  Genre: Sport
  • single and multi player
  • Previous game of the series: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
  • Offer: Zegetron


clear menus with explanations make gameplay easier
more teams needed
we cant set defensive tactics effectively
loading should have been less
manager mode is simplified


opponents artificial intelligence
many difficulty levels
addictive action
adds new ideas to the genre
our team artificial intelligence
ball movement freedom combined with natural player movement physics has a very realistic result
inertia in player movement is carefully crafted
changing direction with the ball has realistic animation and speed
huge change from the last game of the series
in some occasions controls are less responsive than it should
shots are harder than it should and that might let down people
shots are sometimes slower than it should


characters polygons(model complexity)
background polygons(model complexity)
facial textures
frequent and tense frame drops
in main gameplay camera you can’t distinguish players as good as in the last game of the series
most of the player faces do not look like the real players at all


good soundtrack
sound effects
use of famous music tracks
commentary is frequently out of place

Οnline Competitive

online for players from the same system
options make matchmaking easier
usually good connection
matchmaking is instant
opponents available in all modes
online manager mode is simplified and accessible for more people
online manager mode is very balanced
online manager mode allow us to improve our team continuously
good statistics and leaderboards needed
when picking wicker teams extra point should have been awarded and explained
gameplay speed is much slower online
tournaments should have been held

Competitive offline

good competitive mode
good four player mode
good options to organise a tournament needed
Conclusion - Rating

equal with the best games of its genre in
many sections


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (officially abbreviated as PES 2014, also known in Asia as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2014 in 2013 and also World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2014 - Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Japan only) in 2014) is an association football video game developed and published by Konami. The game features a modified version of the new Fox Engine.[4] It was released on September 19 in Europe, September 20 in United Kingdom, and on November 14 in Japan. The playable demo became available on September 11 for download.[5][6] Once again, the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup competitions are fully licensed in the game, and the First Playable UEFA Europa League without entering Master League, Become a Legend, and/or League. For the first time, the game features an exclusive license for the AFC Champions League,[7] the Argentine Primera División,[8][9] Chilean Primera División,[10] and Arabic commentary as well, by Rhaouf Khelif of beIN Sports,[11] also Argentinean commentary, by Mariano
Closs and Fernando Niembro, and Chilean commentary by Fernando Solabarrieta and Patricio Yáñez of Fox Sports Latinoamérica.
Konami confirmed that rain will not feature in PES 2014 due to the engine upgrade, as well as the Stadium Editor and La Liga stadiums because of licensing restrictions.[12]


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